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  • Automatic Screen Printing Machine with 4 Stations
Automatic Screen Printing Machine with 4 Stations

Automatic Screen Printing Machine with 4 Stations

  • Product Item : JX-ZPT4
  • Category: Automatic Screen Printing
  • Speed: 2800PCS/H
  • Printing Area: 200*300MM
  • Work table size :250*350MM Disk Dimension:600MM
  • Supply: 220V Air Pressure:5-7BAR
  • Product description:Semi-automatic Screen Printing Machine with Rotary Table,High Speed Automatic Screen Printing Machine with 4 work-stations
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The machine is special designed for printing lenses with high speed and automatic. Building up printing and rotary tramsmission system by high precision servo motor and cam indexer to finish printing automatically, reduce labor, improving efficiency,speed can up to 2800pcs/hr.

1. Fixture positioning unit ensure accurate print position.
2.Sensor inspection device to ensure printing with materials.
3. Taiwan motor driven conveyor station with high printing speed.
4. High precision cam indexer driving the conveyor, more smooth and accurate location.
5. PLC with man-machine touch screen, programmable printing process.
6. The fixture on the work table is easy to adjust.
7. Manual feeding, the speed can be adjusted to matched with the feeding speed.
8. Auto unloading system by robot arm.


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