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Single-color Full-auto Screen Printing Machine

  • Product Item : JX-ATUO1
  • Category: Automatic Screen Printing
  • Printing area: 300*600MM (customizable size)
  • Table size: 500*700MM
  • Print speed: 1000 to 1300 times/hour
  • Power: 380V Barometric supply: 5—7BAR
  • Product description:Monochrome Full-automatic Screen Printing Machine,Single Color Automatic Screen pinting press,Single-color Full-auto Screen Printing Machine,Single-color Full-auto Screen Printing Press
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Quickly changing the products styles to realize the screen printing automation of small batch and multiple varieties.

Machine brief introduction

Independent feeding rack, automatic tabletop positioning system and servo manipulator are asemmbled to realize quick positioning and style conversion of hardness products.One machine can easily realize the automation of flat screen printing, which is suitable for automatic screen printing of sheet products with certain hardness.


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