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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to get a quotation?
A: Please send us an inquiry directly. We need to get specific details, such as material, size, color, thickness, quantity, etc.

Q: How to choose the right machine?

A: The right machine is chosen according to your own budget or automation level. If the budget is limited and the capacity is not very large, we recommend semi-automatic products. If the budget is sufficient and the output of a single product is high, we recommend the automatic screen printing machine.

Q: Are you a factory or trading company?
A: We are a professional manufacturing factory specialize in printing equipment. Set research, design, production, development, sales in one, to "practical, innovative" for the purpose, to "integrity, pragmatic" as the principle, with exquisite design and perfect technical support to serve the majority of customers.

Q: What is your warranty period service?

A: Within 1 year of purchase, if there is any abnormal function caused by non-human factors, you can enjoy free maintenance service.

Q: Are services provided after the warranty period has expired?

A: Yes, we do. When warranty date expires, lifetime maintenance service is provided, but not repaired.

Q: When can we arrange shipment?
A: We usually arrange shipment within 30 days after getting deposit,
but customized machines should be more than 45 days.

Q: Do you provide customized services?

A: Our team has made thousands of machines, and has rich experience in screen printing and pad printing. We can design and produce the required equipment according to customer requirements.

Q: How much deposit do you charge?

A: For general conventional machine, we charge a 30% deposit, and for the special customized models, we may charge a deposit ranging from 40%-50%.

Q: Is the machine installation and debugging complicated?

A: The machine is fully assembled, so it is quite easy to operate.

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