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  • Desktop Flat Screen Printer With T-slot
Desktop Flat Screen Printer With T-slot

Desktop Flat Screen Printer With T-slot

  • Product Item : JX-2030T
  • Category: Desktop Flat Screen Printing Machine
  • Print speed: 800pcs/hour Vertical Stroke:160MM ;Transversal Stroke: 350MM
  • Print area: 200*300MM ;Worktable size: 250*450MM
  • M-68-77-87cm Weight- 125kgax Frame Size: 400*600MM; Max Work Piece Height:120MM
  • Power: 110/220V 50W Air Pressure:5-7Bar;
  • Product description:Desktop Flat Screen Printing Machine With T-slot,Desktop Flat Screen Printing Press With T Slot
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Main Description

Small flat screen printing machine completely replaces manual screen printing and solves the troubles of unstable manual print quality and slow printing. It is compact in size, fast in running speed, stable in performance, and high in precision. It can be used in a small plant space for LOGO printing on the surface of lenses, mobile phone buttons, purple brick casings, electronic gift hardware, plastic products, etc.

Technical Parameter

1. Microcomputer controls all functions and actions, with high degree of automation.

2. Automated four-digit counter to count the number of prints

3. Full-cast aluminum fuselage, surface metal paint

4. Double-column lifting structure with high stability and accuracy

5. Adjustable left and right travel, Taiwan photoelectric switch limit

6. Arbitrary adjustable angle of squeegee and the squeegee blade.

7. Squeegee blade constant pressure device to ensure pressure stability in printing process

8. Workbench adjusted slightly right front and back, left and right, rotation angle

9. Frame position can be adjusted front and back, left and right, and horizontally.

10. T-slot table top for easy fixture installation

11. Equipped with Taiwan CEC hydraulic buffer to eliminate printing vibration

12. The whole machine is fast, smooth and less noisy.

13. Taiwan pneumatic components, quality assurance

14. Installation of printing head quick lifting device, quick and convenient to change the screen printing forme.

15. Action mode selection: fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual

16. Start mode: panel and pedal switch

17. Squeegee blade pressure control: pressure regulating valve keep constant pressure

18. Up and down driving mode: Taiwanese HIWIN linear guide

19. Left and right driving mode: pneumatic

20. Left and right distance: 350mm

21. Up and down distance: 160mm

22. Table area: 250*450mm

23. Maximum height of workpiece: 120 mm

24. Specification of the squeegee blade: 9*50mm

25. Maximum screen frame size: 400*600mm

26. Printing workstation: 1 station

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