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  • Desktop Flat Screen Printer With T-slot
Desktop Flat Screen Printer With T-slot

Desktop Flat Screen Printer With T-slot

  • Product Item : JX-2030T
  • Category: Desktop Flat Screen Printing Machine
  • Print speed: 1200pcs/hour
  • Print area: 200*300MM
  • Worktable size: 250*450MM
  • Power: 110/220V 50W
  • Product description:Desktop Flat Screen Printing Machine With T-slot,Desktop Flat Screen Printing Press With T Slot
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Mini type, suit for home printing. The model is a small desktop flat bed screen printing machine, with the features of compact shape, simply operation. It is the best choice for the small batch printing.


The mini flat screen printing machine with vacuum table with can bring strong adsorptive power without noise. It replace manual screen printing, and solve the problems of un-stable printing quality, and slow printing speed by manual screen printing. The machine is small with quick speed, stable function, high precision, it can be made up of screen printing production line in small workshop. It’s special suitable for printing logo on the surface of PVC, paper, nameplate and kinds of sheet stock.


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