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  • Desktop Curve Screen Printer
Desktop Curve Screen Printer

Desktop Curve Screen Printer

  • Product Item : JX-2030Q
  • Category: Desktop Flat Screen Printing Machine
  • Printing speed: 1200pcs/hour
  • Printing area: 200*300MM
  • Max printing diameter: φ5-φ150MM
  • Power: 110/220V 50W
  • Product description:Desktop Curve Screen Printing Press,Desktop Curve Screen Printing Machine
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Mini type, suit for home printing. The model is a small desktop flat bed screen printing machine, with the features of compact shape, simply operation.

Machine Description :

It is mini curve screen printing machine with quick speed, stable quality, lower noise, precise over-printing, 350mm stroke. It is suitable for printing the surface of round products with 100mm diameter, such as cosmetic products, chemical container, food packing cans and other related cylindrical products. With the small volume and wide application, the machine is one of the most popular machine in the market.


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