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Attention in Use of Screen Printing Machines

Screen printing machine has the characteristics of low cost, simple operation, high production efficiency, many kinds of printing materials, etc., which makes screen printing machine favored by large and small enterprises in many industries. What should we pay attention to when using the screen printer?

We should pay attention to the following aspects of the screen printing machine during used:

1.   Overprinting

During printing, the plate frame will swing back and forth from time to time, causing the plate and frame to be collided and vibrated during the back and forth operation, causing a small displacement between the plate and frame, causing inaccurate overprinting, thus affecting the appearance quality of the product. Therefore, it is necessary to discover and adjust in time.

2.   Lack of ink The lack of ink in printed matter marks is mostly due to the blocking of the screen plate caused by the sticking of broken plastic films or ink crusting and drying on the printing plate. Simply wipe the screen plate with clean cotton cloth. If the ink color is uneven or becomes light, the viscosity of the ink is too high, the machine should immediately stop to dilute the viscosity of the ink with solvent and use gasoline at the same time.

3.    broken paper, paper stack uneven In the process of stacking semi-finished products, both sides of the paper must be hung and stacked. Otherwise, the paper will form an upper bow due to its own gravity, causing both sides of the paper to become warped and uneven. The screen printing will cause paper transfer difficulties and sheet breakage. Also, when the paper pile is not normal, it can be padded with cardboard. At the same time, the height of the paper stack should be often adjusted by the adjusting knob of the paper separating mechanism so that the paper can be transferred smoothly, and then the printing process will proceed smoothly.

4.  Drying device When some parts of the drying device are out of synchronization with the       operation of the main machine, the printed matter on the paper rack is often disorderly stretched, which is due to the loss caused by the long-term use of the blades of the drying device. If you want to solve this problem, you just need to take it away from the bottom of the random sheet to avoid the ink film facing each other, and you can avoid sticking and causing defective products or waste products.

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