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Printing enterprises are transforming in these five directions

Direction 1: Green Printing In recent years.Due to the increasing enforcement of environmental protection, the printing industry has been included in the scope of law enforcement, so the implementation of green printing has become an important development direction of the industry. In 2015, China successively promulgated "Technical Requirements for Environmental Label Products Printing Part III: Gravure Printing", "Green Printing Terminology", "General Technical Requirements and Evaluation Methods for Green Printing Part 1: Lithography", "Sampling Methods for Green Printing Products and Determination Principles for Testing Parts", "Criteria for Qualification of Green Printing Products Part 1: Reading Printed Materials", and formulated a number of incentive policies to promote the development of China's printing industry towards green printing.

Comments: The environmental protection law called "the strictest in history" was officially implemented in 2015, which has greatly strengthened the importance of environmental protection in all walks of life. Indian and Chinese enterprises in the printing industry have taken green printing as an important direction of enterprise transformation.

Comments: 2015 is called the "strictest" year for the implementation of environmental protection law in history, which has greatly strengthened the importance of environmental protection in all walks of life and has made green printing an important direction for enterprise transformation in the printing industry.

Direction 2: Modern Service Printing has always been defined as a processing-type production enterprise, which only needs to produce according to customer requirements. However, many customers do not know about printing and only follow the requirements of customers, which may lead to problems such as unsatisfactory printed products. Then it is necessary for the printing enterprises to take the initiative to care about the products of their customers, to actively help the customers to analyze the problems that the customers have not yet discovered, and to put forward suggestions to make the customers realize the important role of the existence of the printing enterprises in maintaining their own brands. This is also a major direction of the transformation of the printing industry, from processing production to modern service, from product-centered to customer-centered. At present, the printing market is hard to develop. Only by finding a job that meets the requirements of the market and changing to a modern service type can the enterprise's own value be fully reflected.

Comments: Only by carefully producing products for customers, making customers satisfied with the products and enterprises is an important way to retain customers. To this end, the printing industry is changing from processing production to modern service.

Direction 3: Digital Printing Digital printing is one of the mainstream trends in the development of the industry in 2015. In recent years, the state has successively promulgated the management measures for digital printing and the national standards for classification of digital printing. At the beginning of this year, the state has set a target of increasing the proportion of digital printing from 0.4% in 2011 to 14% by the end of 2015. A report recently released by the smithers Peel Research Institute shows that this year the global digital printing market value accounts for 13.9% of the total market value of the printing and packaging industry and 2.5% of the total market size. Comments: Digitalization is an important development direction for China's and even the world's manufacturing industry in this information age. Digital printing has also become a major direction for the transformation of the printing industry.

Direction 4: "internet plus" "internet plus" is a new format of Internet development under Innovation 2.0, and is the evolution of Internet form and the new form of economic and social development promoted by Knowledge Society Innovation 2.0. With the popularization of high-speed network, there has been a "great leap forward" in the internet-based printing industry. Printing and the internet have also become the new impetus for the development of the industry. The integration of the printing industry and the Internet aims at achieving innovative business models and breakthroughs in the new media environment. Comments: In this Internet era, the Internet seems to have become an indispensable part of the people. All walks of life are moving closer to the Internet. In 2015, a whirlwind of "internet plus" fever swept through, while "internet plus" has also become the direction of the transformation of the printing industry.

Direction 5: Intelligence "Intelligence" refers to an application for a certain aspect, which is composed of modern communication and information technology, computer network technology, industry technology and intelligent control technology. At present, the printing industry is facing many difficulties, such as many links, many employees and low production efficiency. If printing enterprises implement intelligent production, these problems can be solved. Therefore, the transformation of printing to intelligent has become an important direction for the development of the printing industry in 2015. Comments: There are many links in the printing process; Advanced equipment coexists with manual low-end equipment and manual operation is frequent. More workers and lower production efficiency are common phenomena in the printing industry. In view of this phenomenon, the choice of the printing industry is to transform to intelligence.

Summary: Times are changing, and the needs of the industry are also changing. Those who cannot adapt to the changes of the times are likely to be eliminated. Transformation is an important choice to meet the changes of the times. In the process of transformation, one cannot blindly choose, one must choose what is suitable for oneself.

The printing industry has a history of several thousand years, but this does not mean that printing has been completely perfected. There is still a lot of room for improvement in printing. Printing is looking for the right path of transformation and its future development will definitely be better and better.

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