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3 Tips of Enhancing Usage Period of Screen Printing Plate

As we all know, screen printing screen is a combination of frame and screen. The frame is made of wood or aluminum. The frame structure is not easy to damage and has a long service life. But the screen is made of polyester or nylon yarn, and then it is stretched by the dragnet. The external force and the spines will be easily damaged. In the following, there will be three tips for protecting our silk screen plate.


First, the damage of the ink-return knife to screen printing plate; we all know that the ink-return knife is usually made of aluminium, so we must polish the ink-return knife smoothly and carefully with fine sandpaper; secondly, the ink-return knife does not need to touch the screen, there should be a little gap between the ink-return knife and screen plate, so that the ink can evenly cover the logo without scratching the screen plate.


Secondly, squeegee may damage screen printing plate; so the squeegee needs to be replaced or polished with a special rubber grinder after a period of time. At the same time, when is used it can cut a bevel on both sides to avoid scraping the screen with sharp corners. Of course, the longer the service life of squeegee, the stronger the corrosion resistance.


Third, the logo to be printed can be sealed with transparent glue or kraft paper around to achieve the purpose of protecting the screen, of course, this is only for products that are not particularly demanding for printing, precision products are not applicable.


The three points is to improve screen printing screen life expectancy tips, I hope you can help.

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