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  • Automatic Pad Printing Machine for Wooden Ruler
Automatic Pad Printing Machine for Wooden Ruler

Automatic Pad Printing Machine for Wooden Ruler

  • Product Item : JX-MC2
  • Category: Pad Printing Machine
  • Printing Color: One
  • Printing Speed: 600-800 times per hour
  • Printing Area: 20MM*250MM(can be customized)
  • Power Supply: 220V Air Supply: 5—7BAR
  • Product description:Automatic Wooden Ruler Pad Printing Machine,Full Automatic Pad Printing Machine for Wooden Ruler.
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Machine brief introduction:

This is a fully automatic double-sided wooden ruler pad printing machine, which adopts the assembly line operation method, manual stacking of rulers, automatic printing, automatic drying, automatic flipping of wooden rulers, then printing and drying at the other side, automatic cutting. Greatly reduced labor costs and increased printing capacity. 

Specialty :

Automatic and intelligent, easily to adjust and operate.


1. Can be changed to one color for single-sided printing.

2. Can be added to two-color double-sided printing.

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