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  • Full Automatic Pad Printing Machine
Full Automatic Pad Printing Machine

Full Automatic Pad Printing Machine

  • Product Item : JX-PM1
  • Category: Pad Printing Machine
  • Printing Color: One
  • Printing Area: 160*280MM
  • Printing Speed: 1000 times/hour
  • Power Supply: 220V Air Supply: 5—7BAR
  • Product description:Automatic Pad Printer,High Speed Automatic Pad Printing Machine
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Machine brief introduction

This is a fully automatic pad printing machine, manual stacking of materials, automatic feeding, automatic printing, automatic blanking, can print four pieces at a time, with the carousel transmission system, which greatly improves production capacity and greatly reduces Labor costs.


Automatic and intelligent, easily to adjust and operate.


1. Turntable station maximum can be changes to 16 bits.

2. Conventional models do not include suction, can be modified to have suction table.

3. Can be equipped with various prepress processing devices, negative ion dust gun, automatic PP processing, flame treatment.

4. Can be installed material detection sensor to ensure accurate printing.

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