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  • Desktop ink cup pad printer
Desktop ink cup pad printer

Desktop ink cup pad printer

  • Product Item : JX-MINI2
  • Category: Pad Printing Machine
  • Printing area: 50*50mm
  • Printing speed: 2500pcs/hour
  • Power: 220|380v 0.3kw
  • Steel Plate Size: 70*170MM
  • Product description:Desktop ink cup pad printer,Desktop ink cup pad printing machie,Desktop ink cup pad press
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1.    Aluminum body, metal coating surface

2.    Microcomputer system control

3.    The height of the pad can be adjusted.

4.    Can be changed to multi-color printing

5.    Using Japanese precision pneumatic components

6.    Working life is long

7.    Printing speed could reach up to 2000pcs per hour


Single-color pad printing machine is the main type of printing processing. It can be customized according to the requirements. It is widely used in plastic and metal surface printing , such as logo, character information and other pattern printing.


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