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  • Full Automatic Screen Printing Machine for plastic Jars
Full Automatic Screen Printing Machine for plastic Jars

Full Automatic Screen Printing Machine for plastic Jars

  • Product Item : JX-QM1
  • Category: Cylindrical Screen Printing Machine
  • Printing Speed : 3000PCS/H
  • Printing area:200*300MM
  • Power:220V
  • Power Supply: 220v 2Kw Air supply:5-7BAR
  • Product description:screen printing machine for plastic jar,Automatic screen printing machine for plastic pot,full automatic screen printing machine for pet jars,full automatic screen printing machine for cream jar,full
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Application Sope :

Speically design for Plastic Jars,Plastic Cream Jars, Plastic Pot,Plastic Storage jars screen printing job.

Specialty :

1. Fast running speed with stable performance and low noise

2. Printing speed up to 3000PCS/H

3. Automatic jars picking up and off-loading

Machine introduction:

1. PLC touch screen compilation action program,
2.12 Station high-precision cam splitter turntable, forming a circular conveying system,
3. The entire machine adopts high-speed mechanical operation, with fast speed and stable performance,
4. The pneumatic configuration of the printing head scraper ensures the stability of printing quality
5. Disc diameter 600MM,
6. Printing color number: single color
7. Printing speed: up to 3000 times/hour
8. Left and right stroke: 400MM
9. Power supply: 220V 50-60MHZ
10. Air pressure supply: 5-7BAR
11. Can be equipped with flame treatment and uv led curing system
12. No material, no printing self-checking and dust removal system

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