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  • High Speed Cylindrical Screen Printing Machine
High Speed Cylindrical Screen Printing Machine

High Speed Cylindrical Screen Printing Machine

  • Product Item : JX-HS1
  • Category: Cylindrical Screen Printing Machine
  • Printing Speed : 3500 times per hour
  • Printing Area: 150mm*300mm Power : 220 2kw
  • Volt: 220V Air Supply: 5—7BAR
  • Maximum Workpiece Height:200MM Disk Diameter : 600MM Cutting Manipulator Stroke : 300MM Unloading Manipulator Mode: sucker or pneumatic finger.
  • Product description:Cylinder screen printing machine for sale, Cylindrical screen printing machine manufacturers, Automatic cylindrical screen printer
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Stable and reliable performance, with speed up to 3500 times per hour.

Suitable Products

Cylindrical, Conical and Oval on Bottle,Tubes,Caps, Lids, Measuring Cylinder, Jars,Cups,Container.

Widely used on cosmetic, food products, beverages etc.

Machine brief introduction

With unique cmechanical structure design, the machine can print up to 3000 times per hour easily. Manual feeding and mechanical unloading can greatly reduce labor intensity of workers and improve production efficiency. Equipped with pre-press electrostatic dust removal system and sensor detection system, improves the quality of product printing and the flexibility of printing operations.It is a preffered option for printing of the cosmetic industry ,such as cosemtic tube,jars,brush etc.

Machine Optional  Configuration

1. Workstation maximum can be added to 16 stations.

2. Can be equipped with LED UV Cold Light Source Curing System.

3. Can be equipped with pre-press processing devices, such as automatic PP processing, flame treatment,Corona treatment etc.

4. Can be equipped with automatic feeding systerm and automatic unscrambler.

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