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  • High Speed Automatic Screen Printing Machine with Manual Feeding
High Speed Automatic Screen Printing Machine with Manual Feeding

High Speed Automatic Screen Printing Machine with Manual Feeding

  • Product Item : JX-SQ1
  • Category: Cylindrical Screen Printing Machine
  • Printing Speed : 3500 times per hour
  • Power : 220 1kw
  • Barometric Supply: 5—7BAR
  • Disk Diameter : 600MM Cutting Manipulator Stroke : 300MM Cutting Manipulator Mode: sucker or pneumatic finger.
  • Product description:High Speed Screen Printing Machine for bowl,High Speed Screen Printing Mahcine for sale,High Speed bowl Screen Printing Printer
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Specialty :

Speed up to 3000 times.

Machine brief introduction:

With unique mechanical structure design, the machine can print up to 3000 times easily. Manual feeding and mechanical unloading can greatly reduce labor intensity of workers and improve production efficiency. It is the first choice for pinting of the curved surface and ring products .

Machine modifiable items (additional costs)

1. Turntable station maximum can be changes to 16 bits.

2. Conventional models do not include suction, can be modified to have suction function.

3. Equipped with UV LED cold light curing system,positioning ststerm and color mark sensor for multicolor printing.

4. Can be equipped with various prepress processing devices, automatic PP/PE processing such as flame treatment and corona treatment..

5. Can be installed without material non-printing detection sensor to prevent workers from releasing materials in time for air printing.


We have many other screen printing relative products, and design screen printing machines according to product to be printed. Please contact us for more detail information.

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