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  • Automatic Screen Printing Machine with Moter Off-unloading
Automatic Screen Printing Machine with Moter Off-unloading

Automatic Screen Printing Machine with Moter Off-unloading

  • Product Item : JX-ZPT1
  • Category: Automatic Screen Printing Machine
  • Printing Color Number: black and white
  • Printing Area: 150*300MM(4 station) 150*150MM(8 station)
  • Printing Speed: 1500 times/hour
  • Power : 220V Barometric Supply: 5—7BAR
  • Product description:Servo Automatic Unloading Screen Printing Machine,Servo Automatic Unloading Screen Printing Press,Servo Automatic Unloading Screen Printing Printer
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Intelligent ,easy to operate.

Application Scope

Glass panel ,glass board,ceramic panel,ceramic board,phone panel etc.

Machine brief introduction

Adopting DT precision cam splitter module disc transmission system, manual feeding, servo manipulator automatic unloading. It completely liberat the manpower, while improving the production efficiency, reducing the labor intensity of the workers, and getting rid of dependence on skilled workers. it is the first choice for automatic production, with the fastest speed of 1800/2000 printing times per hour.

Technical Parameter

1. Touch screen panel + PLC program setting

2. Automatic four-digit counting table to count the printing quantity

3. Full-cast aluminum body with metal paint on the surface
4. Servo configuration of print head scraper makes printing more stable
5. Adjustable left and right stroke
6. Unloading adopts servo manipulator for more stable express delivery
7. The squeegee constant pressure device ensures that the pressure is stable during the printing process
8. The worktable front and back, left and right, rotation angle fine-tuned and locked
9. The position of the screen frame can be adjusted back and forth, left and right, and horizontally
10. T-slot/suction table top, according to customer's product selection
11. Equipped with Taiwan CEC hydraulic buffer to eliminate printing vibration
12. The whole machine runs fast, stable and low noise
13. Original Taiwan pneumatic components, quality assurance
14. Set to not lift the net, the short-stroke mode can reach 1800 times at the fastest
15. Action mode selection: automatic|semi-automatic|manual
16. Starting method: touch screen | foot switch
17. Printing speed: 1300 times/hour
18. Up and down driving mode: pneumatic
19. Left and right drive mode: servo
20.4 Station printing size: 260*360MM
21.8 Station printing size: 150*150mm
22. Disc diameter: 600mm
23. Worktable size: 300*400MM
24. Installation squeegee specification: 9*50mm
25. Maximum screen frame size: 400*600mm
26. Printing station: 4/8 digits optional


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