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  • High-speed Conveyor Belt Pad Printing Machine
High-speed Conveyor Belt Pad Printing Machine

High-speed Conveyor Belt Pad Printing Machine

  • Product Item : Custom Pad Printing Machine
  • Category: Custom-made Printing Machine
  • Product description:High-speed Conveyor Belt Pad Printing Machine,High-speed Conveyor Belt Pad Printing Press, High-speed Conveyor Belt Pad Printer
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Machine brief introduction:

This is a high-speed conveyor belt transfer printing machine (equipped with automatic feeding and unloading conveyor belt + automatic cleaning rubber head device). It can print at high speed without any vibration. Manual feeding to conveyor belt and automatic unloading by manipulator increase the efficiency of printing. The fastest speed can reach 2000 times/hour.

Technical parameter:

Machine model: JX-S2J

1 Full touch panel, easy to operate

2 Automatic cleaning rubber head system

3 Environmental Protection Oil Cup System

4 High Speed Conveyor Belt System

5 Automatic Unloading Manipulator System

6 Able to set up all kinds of printing automation pipelines

7 Compact structure and beautiful shape

8 Oil Cup Diameter: 82MM, 90MM

9 Steel plate size: 100*250MM

10 Printing area: 40*60MM

11 Head formation: 0-155MM adjustable

12 Printing speed: 2000 times per hour

13 Voltage: 110/220V

14 Air pressure: 5-7 bar

15 Work station: 1 work station


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