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  • Satellite Pot Screen Printing Machine
Satellite Pot Screen Printing Machine

Satellite Pot Screen Printing Machine

Technical Parameter:

1. PLC + touch screen editing action procedure to ensure printing stability

2. Up and down to the left and right using Taiwan's Shangyin linear guideway

3. Servo motor drive is used in the upper and lower parts.

4. Printing area: 350*500MM

5. Printing speed: about 800 times per hour

6. Direction of special arc head of satellite pot

7. Work station: 1

8. Equipped with automatic discharge output belt, the product can be directly imported into the user's drying conveyor belt, saving manpower.

9. Voltage: 220V 50-60MHZ

10. Air pressure: 5-7 BAR

11. Aluminium full-cast, appearance painting treatment

12. The quality of equipment silk printing is more stable and high-quality than that of manual silk printing. It can effectively improve the printing speed and the rate of good products.


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