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Two-color Rotary Screen Printing Machine With Square Disk

  • Product Item : Machine Modes: JX-AUTO2
  • Category: Automatic Screen Printing
  • Printing color number: two
  • Printing area: 100*200MM
  • Station setting: Order according to customer requirement
  • Power supply: 380V Barometric supply: 5—7BAR
  • Product description:2 color Rotary Screen Printing Machine With Square Disk,2 Color Rotary Automatic Screen Printing Press With Square Disk,2 Color Rotary Screen Printing Printer With Square Disk.
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Integrate multiple processes on one machine to reduce factory labor input

Machine brief introduction:

A two-color automatic flat screen printing machine with a unique square structure is used to complete a number of processes rotating rollover, automatic blanking, thus to realized a machine complete 10 working procedures, greatly reducing the manual input. It has been widely used in the surface pattern of the light pen.


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