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  • 2-Color Full Automatic Screen Printing Machine
2-Color Full Automatic Screen Printing Machine

2-Color Full Automatic Screen Printing Machine

  • Product Item : CNC-KJ2
  • Category: Cylindrical Screen Printing Machine
  • Printing Speed : 3000PCS/H
  • Printing Area: 200mm*390mm Power : 21KW
  • Volt: 380V Air Supply: 5—7BAR
  • Workstation: 8PCS
  • Product description:2-color screen printing machine for oval glass bottle, 2-color bottle screen printing machine,2-color Automatic screen printer for round glass bottle,2-color Automatic screen printer for square glass
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Stable and reliable performance, with speed up to 3000 times per hour.

Full auto 2 color screen printing and easy bottle screen printing

Instant led uv curing without any scratch and improve the output.

Automatic off-unloading to belt after printing

Friendly to users

Suitable Products

Available for smaller round, oval, square glass or plastic bottles diameter less than 120MM,Height less than 200mm

Machine brief introduction

Fully servo motor driven , the machine can be availabe for round, oval, square plastic and glass bottle, print up to 3000 times per hour easily. Manual Jar/bottle placing on the conveyor belt and automatic pick-up, accurate 2 color screen printing,  unloading can greatly reduce labor intensity of workers and improve production efficiency. Equipped with pre-press electrostatic dust removal system and sensor detection system, improves the quality of product printing and the flexibility of printing operations.It is a preffered option for printing of the glass bottle and glass jar packing manufacturer.

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