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Institutions and Function Of Automatic Screen Printing Press

What are the main institutions of automatic screen printing press? What is the function?

The main mechanisms of screen printing machine are Transmission device, screen printing plate device, printing device, worktable, air pump device, electronic control device and frame, etc.

1. Transmission device. It mainly including motor, hydraulic mechanism, debugging mechanism, chain transmission mechanism, gear transmission mechanism, etc. The main function is to transfer power to the moving parts, so that the parts can complete the movement and operation according to the design requirements.

2. Screen Printing Plate device. It mainly includes screen plate fixing device, screen plate adjusting mechanism and screen plate lifting mechanism.  The main function is to fix the screen printing plate and realize the alignment of the screen printing plate. It is that the screen printing plate can reach the printing position when scraping ink, and then return to the initial position after scraping.

3. Printing device. It mainly includes the installation and adjustment mechanism of the ink scraper and the ink return blade, the transmission mechanism of the reciprocating motion of the scraper, the adjustment mechanism of the scraper pressure and the scraper angle. The main function is to exert certain pressure on screen printing plate to achieve printing and ink return.

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