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How should the screen printing plate be handled after printing

After printing, the screen printing plate should be processed as follows according to the actual situation:

(1) After the first printing, if the screen printing plate is to be printed for the second time, the remaining ink on the screen printing plate must be cleaned. Make sure that the mesh in the graphic area is transparent and there is no ink blocking. Then After fully drying, store it properly for next use.

(2) After printing, if the screen printing plate is no longer used and ready to be discarded, you can clean the ink around the screen frame and peel off the screen; or you can directly peel off the screen and then clean the screen frame to It is ready for the next stretch.

(3) After the screen printing plate is printed, if it is ready to be used again, you can clean the remaining ink first, then use a release agent to remove the photosensitive film on the screen, and then clean it with water, and store it after drying. Use the next time you stretch the net.


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