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Which screen frame materials are available on the market

       The basic function of the screen frame is to provide a stable support for the screen. If the screen frame is stable, materials and equipment.
       The printed image will maintain better registration, and printing will be much easier.
The screen frame is usually made of aluminum, because aluminum is strong, stable, light weight, light in use, relatively cheap, non-corrosive, and resistant to chemical solvents.
      For screen printing applications with strict requirements, the use of wooden screen frames is not recommended, because for high-precision jobs, the wooden screen frames are not stable enough, and the wooden screen frames are relatively heavy, and are easily affected by moisture and chemical solvents. The screen is not as strong as a metal screen.
     Sometimes the steel frame is made of steel. The steel has high strength and is very stable, especially in high heat conditions. However, steel is relatively heavy and prone to oxidative reactions (rust), which weakens its strength over time. If the steel frame is made of steel, the steel surface is usually coated with a layer of plastic to

     Other metals, such as war, can also make excellent net frames,But these metals are expensive.

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