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How to choose the right drying equipment?

     Drying is an important process after printing, which has an important relationship with the quality and performance of the printed matter, especially for multi-color printing and fine printing products and special products. Therefore, after printing, according to the printing process requirements, for different types of substrates, select the appropriate drying method and drying equipment. Generally, the following factors should be considered when selecting drying equipment:

    ①Select the drying equipment according to the ink used. Ink mainly includes volatile drying type, oxidative polymerization type and heat curing type. After printing, the corresponding drying equipment should be selected according to the type of ink used.

Activity drying rack

   ②Select the drying equipment according to the printing process requirements. If a printing machine with a high degree of automation and a fast printing speed is used, a drying device with a suitable drying speed should be selected.

Liuzhou jxin Infrared tunnel dryer

    ③Select drying equipment according to the type of substrate. Due to the different specifications, shapes, weight and materials of the substrates, these factors should be considered comprehensively when selecting drying equipment. 

 Jxin Led LED UV curing machine

    ④Select the drying equipment according to the printing batch of the substrate. In screen printing, the printing batch size of the substrate is not less than a few pieces, dozens of pieces, and more than a thousand pieces or tens of thousands pieces. When selecting drying equipment, the size of the printing lot should be considered.


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