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The principle and advantages of UV-led curing

The principle of UV-led curing:

     UV LED is a kind of LED, is a single wavelength of invisible light, generally below 420 nm. There are mainly 365 and 395 nm. Ultraviolet curing usually uses 365 nm wavelength.

    The UV curing agent in UV paint, UV adhesive and UV ink reacts with the specific UV wavelength produced by UV LED light source to achieve rapid curing effect.

    Ultraviolet cold light source of UV LED can be applied to thermal sensitive materials, which originates from the cold light source of UV LED. Under the exposure of ultraviolet cold light source of UVLED, the temperature difference of product surface will not exceed 1℃. Compared with high temperature and high pressure mercury lamp, the application range of mercury lamp is much wider. Previously, the problem of excessive temperature can be solved, and the product will not be damaged by excessive temperature. Avoid high temperature suffering, make people easy to accept, and do not produce ozone and other harmful and unpleasant gases.

Advantages of UV-led curing:

1. Excellent performance, wear resistance, solvent resistance, impact resistance, high strength;

2. Using a single system without mixing makes it easy to use.

3. It can be cured instantaneously, save a lot of time, improve production efficiency, and be conducive to the automation of production lines.

4. Curing requires low temperature, which saves energy and solves materials that are not suitable for high temperature curing. Compared with thermal curing, it consumes more energy. The curing degree is also high.

5. Environmental protection and health, no need to use solvents, no volatile gases, no pollution to the environment, no harm to the human body.

     In addition, it should be noted that the ink cured by using UV LED cold light source must be UV ink.

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