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How to choose: oblique arm or horizontal scraping one?

Currently, there are two types of screen printing machines: oblique arm (hinge) screen printing machines and vertical horizontal scraping screen printing machines, and pneumatic and electric screen printing machines are subdivided.

Oblique arm screen printing machines

1.    Features of oblique arm screen printing machine: it drives the body to move up and down in a hinge shape through the rotation of the crankshaft, and the stress points of its frame are inconsistent before and after (just like the weighing beam). This is also the defect of this screen printing machine (this is a structural defect, which is not related to the manufacturing precision of that manufacturer). It is important to know that to print high-quality screen printing products, the scraping stress points of the screen pattern must have uniform pressure, while oblique arm screen printing machines are prone to inconsistent before and after pressure.

For some silk-screen products with low pressure requirements, such as UV curing oil, colorful convex oil, cigarette packets, wine boxes, self-adhesive spot-color silk-screen printing and oblique arm silk-screen printing machines are also better choices.

Vertical horizontal scraping screen printing machine

2.  The vertical and horizontal screen printing machine makes up for this shortcoming. It uses a linear guide rail to move horizontally. The pressure of each point is the same when printing patterns. For screen printing of dot, the ink layer requires uniform screen printing of electronic products and multi-color overprinting, which is the best choice. It is also characterized by intuitive and clear operation, simple and fast installation and removal of screen plates, convenient and stable adjustment of pressure, and easy training for new user.

Vertical horizontal scraping screen printing machines are also divided into pneumatic type and electric type (referring to horizontal scraping printing power). The electric type adopts variable frequency motor, which has uniform speed regulation, no string movement and no jitter. It is the first choice for printing high-precision dots and circuit boards. While the pneumatic type has string movement when running at low speed, it is only suitable for high-speed printing. In ceramic decal screen printing (especially for printing gold paste), it can print thinner ink layer and save cost.

Based on the above, when choosing a screen printer, you should:

1). Products to be printed (spot color pattern, printed circuit board or printed paper).

2). The budget of purchase (remember that the oblique arm machine cannot print stable and precise dots).

3). The required overprinting accuracy (the continuous repeated printing error of the vertical machine is less than 0.02mm and that of the diagonal arm machine is less than 0.05mm, which can meet the general overprinting requirements. Whether the accurate overprinting is related to the rationality of the positioning fixture and the proficiency of workers).

4). Selection of model size: budget is sufficient. It is recommended to purchase high-grade screen printing machines to facilitate large-scale business in the future.

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