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High Speed Mechanical Automatic Unloading Screen Press

  • Product Item : Machine Model: JX-ZPT2
  • Category: Automatic Screen Printing
  • Printing Color Number: single
  • Printing area: 150*300MM(4 station) 150*150MM(8 station)
  • Printing Speed: 2500 to 3000 times per hour
  • Power: 220V Barometric supply: 5—7BAR
  • Product description:High Speed Mechanical Automatic Unloading Screen Printer,High Speed Mechanical Automatic Unloading Screen Printing machine,High Speed Mechanical Automatic Unloading Screen Press
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The speed of Mechinal Automatic Screen Printing Machine is fast, can be up to 3500 times per hour.

Machine brief introduction:

Adopting the disc transmission system with DT cam splitter component, one motor matching frequency converter rotation. Precision rotary encoders capture the movement of each mechanism, manual feeding, automatic unloading of manipulator. AS a result of the use of pure mechanical type, the fastest print speed of this model can be up to 2500 and 3000 printing times per hour. The machine is stable in printing, delicate and simple in design, without a large number of external sensors, and with the low failure rate . Maintenance is simple, therefore it is the best choice for the mass and high-precision screen printing. Up to present, the automatic screen printing machine has been widely used in many piecework factories.


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