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  • Automatic Stationery Ruler Screen Printing machine
Automatic Stationery Ruler Screen Printing machine

Automatic Stationery Ruler Screen Printing machine

  • Product Item : JX-T5
  • Category: Automatic Screen Printing
  • Printing Color Number: single
  • Printing area: 150*300MM
  • Printing speed: 1300 times per hour
  • Power supply: 110/220 50w Barometric supply: 5—7BAR
  • Product description:Automatic Stationery Ruler Screen Printing machine,Automatic Stationery Ruler Screen Printing Press,Automatic Stationery Ruler Screen Printer.
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Machine brief introduction:

Assembling Dt180 precision cam divider in the disc transmission system, manual stacking feeding, servo manipulator unloading, drop-down rack, full servo screen printing system, LED cold light units are all highly integrated on large turntable, compact space, convenient to adjust machine and fully realize automatic screen printing of stationery ruler, which is suitable for one color screen printing on the surface of hard flat products. Multiple products can be feeded at one time due to the diversification of fixture. So, the large–scale printing of the product can be realized through the machine..With the fast printing speed, it is a high-end machine for the automatic printing, and widely used in stationery industry for the surface pattern screen printing.


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