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Technical Principle and Application Scope of Screen Printing and Pad Printing Machine

The principle of the screen printing is that the printing plate transfers the printing material through the ink holes through pressure. The processes are as follows:

1.   Use a scraper to apply ink to the screen. 2. Scrape the ink to one side with a fixed angle. At this time, the ink will be printed on the printed matter due to infiltration according to the pattern when the screen is manufactured, and the printing can be repeated. 3. The printing screen can be kept for use after printing.

2.   Silk Printing Machine Applicable Series: Various Plastics, Cosmetics, Packaging Boxes, Metal Plates, Scale Plates, Acrylic, Electronic Products, Household Products, Stickers, Leather transfer paper Various Types of Cups, Barrels, Glass, Baseball Rods, Wood Plates, etc. It can print on flat and curved objects with the most beautiful appearance and high quality and efficiency.

The principle of pad printer is to make the pattern to be printed into intaglio plate by means of photo-plate-making, then transfer it onto the printed matter via special silica gel printing head, and to prepare special ink according to the different materials of the product, so as to ensure the quality. The process of the pad printer is divided into the following four points:

1. Brush the ink evenly on the steel plate.

2. Scrape off excess ink with an ink scraping steel knife.

3. Lower the printing head to the steel plate to stick the ink in the pattern.

4. Move the printing head down to cover the pattern.

Printing machines are suitable for plastic industry, toy industry, glass industry, metal industry, electronic industry, sporting goods, stationery industry, optical studies, IC packaging industry, etc. Application scope of pad printer: printing of ruler, pen, sphere, doll's eyes, watch, camera, hairdryer housing, ceramic magnet, medical appliance, racket, audio tape, electronic parts, IC, CPU, DRAM, computer housing, keys, decorative signs, mobile phone housing, etc.

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